Homelessness Prevention Program

The EHNBAC has expertise in providing housing advocacy and homelessness prevention services since 1993. Over 2,000 individuals and families have been placed in decent, affordable apartments and over 5,000 families have averted homelessness. Court actions have been averted through mediation sessions with landlords and tenants and Housing Court representation. We collaborate with community-based programs that assist its clients to secure greater stability, such as job training, credit counseling, anti-eviction, and veterans’ services programs.

The EHNBAC’s aims to reduce the incidence of homelessness in East Harlem and NYC in order to empower the residents through a proactive, holistic approach to service delivery and enable them to become self-sufficient and productive. All efforts are made to assist individuals and families to avoid crises that cause homelessness. We provide case management services aimed at stabilizing existing households, issue short-term financial assistance to address an immediate need that may result in the loss of housing and to help clients locate and access existing community-based programs that may bring greater housing stability.

The EHNBAC’s expertise in navigating, public assistance and other public benefits systems and long-term relationships with such providers have contributed to the EHNBAC’s ability to assist its clients. It has been successful in resolving interruptions in public assistance cases and initiating applications for benefits and resources such as “one-shot deals”, Jiggetts, Food Stamps, and Medicaid. The EHNBAC has worked to maximize income by advocating for other entitlements and resources such as such as Section 8 and NYCHA subsidies, WIC, SCRIE, SSI, HEAP, Child/Teen/Family Health, Child Support and pantry services.

Relocation is accomplished through access to decent, affordable apartments secured through relationships with landlords, real estate agents, and developers of affordable housing. We work to acquire public or private grants to access security deposits, fees, furniture, clothing, and food will further enable the EHNBAC to facilitate the relocation process. Tenants also receive assistance in initiating Housing Part (HP) Actions to ensure repairs are made and safe and healthy living conditions are maintained. We secure significant refunds to tenants through the initiation of overcharge claims through the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal, when rent increases are initiated illegally.

Household Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is provided to residents at risk of homelessness. Financial assistance will only be provided to participants who meet strict eligibility requirements. Grants for rent arrears will be provided 1x per eligible participant. Smaller grants may be offered at a maximum of 2x per year.

Education/Training via Workshops and One-to-One Assistance are provided to on:

  • Tenants Rights/Responsibilities
  • Domestic Violence Resources and Safety Planning
  • Tenants Association
  • Navigating the Benefit/Entitlement Systems (Transitioning from Welfare to Work)
  • Financial Literacy
  • Small Business Development Support

The goal of the financial literacy program is to provide the program participants with an understanding of fundamental financial management skills/techniques. The participants will learn the importance of applying basic financial management techniques in order to prevent homelessness and improve their quality of life. They will also learn how the attitudes and habits they have developed towards money during their lifetime impact their quality of life. It is crucial that the participants understand how changing their attitudes and habits will help them to develop effective cash management skills which will allow them to have a stable housing situation. Participants will be taught to take control of their financial situation and apply effective cash management skills.

The Homelessness Prevention Program is funded by New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance.

For additional information contact:

Lydia Mercado

Crime Victims Specialist
212.289.1900 ext. 204

Lesbia Guity

Crime Victims Specialist
212.289.1900 ext. 204