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Crime Victim Services

The EHNBAC provides services to all crime victims with special attention to victims of domestic violence from underserved Latina communities in New York City. The goal of its Crime Victims Program is to immediately stabilize the crisis situation and then to provide or secure long-term support services necessary to meet the needs of the victim. 


Since 1993, over 2,000 women have avoided serious injury and death, have been placed in safe houses, and have secured monetary compensation, benefits and entitlements. The EHNBAC provides legal advocacy, family court advocacy around divorce, child visitation, child support and orders of protection.  We accompany participants to precincts, court, and the District Attorney’s Office.


Domestic Violence Prevention Program

The EHNBAC targets the underserved and at-risk populations in East Harlem and New York City in its provision of education/awareness of domestic violence services, with particular attention to those with limited English proficiency. In order to reach these constituents, we conduct targeted outreach. The goal of the program is to reduce the incidence of abuse and to provide access to resources available to victims.


Workshops focus on:

  • identifying abuse, uses and causes of abuse, effects of family violence on children and women,
  • safety planning,
  • promoting positive self-esteem,
  • information on available resources/supports for victims
  • training on the use of Internet for the research of the information on support services for victims,
  • training on how to complete of an order of protection on-line,
  • and an overview of the judicial system/procedures for those ready to pursue the prosecution of their abusers. 


Emergency Assistance for Victims

We provide emergency services such as the changing of locks, purchase of furniture, clothing, pampers, food and payment of legal and documentation fees to regain lost or missing identification and legal documents, relocation assistance, and rent assistance if the victim is at risk of eviction. 

Other services include support services, including reassurance, counseling, language interpretation in Spanish, referrals to shelter safe houses, home and hospital visits and information and referrals to services not provided by the EHNBAC such as support groups and counseling to restore self-esteem, sense of dignity and coping mechanisms.  We provide advocacy to obtain repairs, initiation of overcharge claims, tenant landlord mediation, money management training, legal advocacy, and assistance in securing and maintaining entitlements and benefits. 


Crime Victim Services is funded by the New York State Crime Victims Board. The Crime Victim Prevention component is funded by the Version Foundation and Church of Heavenly Rest.



For additional information contact:

Mary Barada
Crime Victims Specialist


212.289.1900 ext. 204


Christina Arroyo

Crime Victims Specialist


212.289.1900 ext. 203


Amilcar Barcelona

Homelessness Prevention Specialist


212.289.1900 ext. 201



Location and Hours of Operation:

East Harlem Neighborhood Based Alliance Corporation
2253 Third Avenue, Second Floor
New York, NY 10035


Phone: 212.289.1900
Fax: 212.289.2616


Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm



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